Guest Chat – Nikita Kovalkin


With great pleasure, we welcome our guest Nikita Kovalkin, Senior Designer from Innovate Living. Nikita is an Interior designer with a significant track record of luxury residential projects in the GCC. Leading the way with style, sophistication, creativity, passion, and adventure.


1. Where do you find inspiration?

For me inspiration reflects today’s day. I don’t tend to listen a specific song, watch a fashion show to get inspired for design a project. Usually, ideas come from what’s surrounding me at this specific moment, like places I visit, social media scrolling, relationships with the clients and suppliers.


2. A typical day in your life would be…?

I get up at 5:30, go to the gym for an hour, I still have some “Me” time before having breakfast and get ready to work. Then depending on the workday schedule I either put site visits in the morning, because we are living in Dubai and you don’t want to appear at site in the afternoon. Come back to the office, checking my emails following by doing design work with the team or alone. Lunch time is usually with the team around 1pm. Supplier meetings might be pushed by end of the day. All this regulated by some Dubai factors such as traffic, prayer’s time and weather. When I come home this is the only time, I watch news and some tv shows during my dinner. And my day is over, I go to bed around 10-11pm.


3. How has the luxury market changed over the past few years?

it changed drastically with influence of social media; it keeps the design level very high. That creates a good environment / competition between design firms and fighting for a project. People nowadays don’t tend to approve a mediocre design and push for more creative ideas which they are happy to pay for.


4. PURITY has supplied Boffi kitchens and Paola Lenti outdoor furniture for some of your most luxurious projects. What prompted you to work with us?

Purity was always a trademark for a high level of service. You know what product to get for a competitive price.


5. Three words that describe Innovate living?

“not-done-before”, tasteful luxury, individual approach.


6. What makes Innovate living the powerhouse it is?

Our design team what makes it as a powerhouse and undoubtedly, the vision of our CEO Kareem Fahmy on every project.


7. Palme Couture residences on the palm is one of the most luxurious projects on the palm. The 7-bedroom penthouse was sold for 95 million aed. Can you tell us more about this special project?

Palme Couture is an exclusive collection of only fourteen residential suites, located on the Palme Jumeirah. Its Very boutique place, very private for every owner or tenant. I find it very cool place with such amazing beachside living concept. Palme Couture is truly a gem.


8. Do you draw inspiration from the fashion world?

Fashion is another passion I have, but it doesn’t influence on my work. Despite I love following certain trends, can’t imagine my life without it.


9. Favorite time of your day?

I guess you can tell from the above said that I’m a morning person.


10. One thing you cannot live without.

Human relationships