Purity Guest chat Mirko and Stefania

Today we chat with the brilliant creators behind Etereo DesignMirko Sala Tenna and Stefania Digregorio for the 11th issue of Pure News. With an astute understanding of architecture, a vibrant and artistically abundant Italian heritage, dotted with influences from the Middle East and harmoniously brought together with passion – Etereo is born.


1. What is your most preferred architectural project in the UAE, and why?


My favorite project is the Louvre in Abu Dhabi because it is a project that has been developed in close relationship with the elements of nature, such as water and the sun. Besides finding this very poetic, I think it’s the right approach you should always have for any project. Architecture must be harmonious, and to achieve that, it must be able to relate to nature. I like to think that there is no physical boundary between buildings and their surroundings.


2. Villa Panorama reflects seamless design with its floating planes, open spaces, and a sense of freedom. What was your inspiration behind this project?


The connection with nature has always been crucial for me. It is always a fundamental starting point in all our projects, especially in this country, where high temperatures force people to live indoors for half of the year. Therefore, transparency, lightness, and connection with the landscape become vital.


3. What is a good design in your opinion?


A good design includes several elements. If we talk about interior design, then the study of the layout is a fundamental one. I always say that space must breathe in order for the people who live in that particular space to breathe. Also, a good design must be inspiring.


4. What is your favorite time of the day?


The night because I often get the right ideas while dreaming.


5. How has your design approach evolved from when you first started until today, and what would you say is the biggest lesson learned?


Our design approach is the part that has undergone the most evolutions in recent years. At the beginning of our working life, we created static renders where it was difficult to make the materials look as realistic as our renders today. Our customers’ experience was therefore limited to their ability to imagine the space.

Over the years, new technologies helped in enhancing the quality of visualizations and offered new ways for customers to experience our designs. Since four years ago, we have been using virtual reality tools to engage customers with our design proposals, offering them an immersive experience. Thanks to technology today, you can easily understand spaces and proportions, shapes, and materials. Therefore, the biggest lesson is to never stop learning and evolving.


6. Purity is supplying ADL doors to one of your latest apartment projects in JBR, what made you choose ADL instead of other brands on the market?


We chose ADL’s MITICA sliding model for the penthouse at JBR’s Address Beach Hotel because it met all Etereo’s and the customer’s requirements. ADL is one of the top Italian brands in the field of glass. It has a large and elegant collection that made us immediately fall in love with it. We use only the highest quality brands in our projects, Purity was the perfect choice as it offers a wide range of excellent products.


7. What would be a dream project for Etereo and where?


We have more than one dream project. After designing residences on land and water, I would like to design a floating dwelling in the air and maybe in space as missions to Mars are becoming more popular.


8. What would you say is a trademark element in an Etereo design?


The study of the layout, research, and material combinations are a priority at Etereo. We consider them fundamental in interior design and architecture. They help us achieve our goal of creating beauty.


9. In-villa Segreta, every room or space is in itself a statement, how are you able to design spaces without making them feel overwhelming. Would you say this is easily achieved?


Creating a complex villa like Villa Segreta requires a strong creative effort, awareness, and experience in managing spaces.

My grandfather always told me: there is no beauty without sacrifice and as I grew up I realized he was right. So, I can assure you that it is not easy to be able to create diverse spaces that stand out and at the same time make them harmonious.

The creation of a villa is a long process made up of many pieces that the architect must organize and direct well, like a director in the creation of a movie. In the case of Villa Segreta, all the factors aligned together well: first of all, the client was supportive and encouraging, then, the specialists we worked with took up the challenges and managed to overcome them and finally, the Etereo team; designers, project managers, architects, and engineers, whom without, all of this wouldn’t have been possible.


10. A quote you live by?


It may be a bit banal. But, I am fascinated by Steve Jobs who took technology to another level and changed the world forever with Apple products. I live by his quote “stay hungry and stay foolish”.